We’re Touching Lives

Improving the Quality of Life of
Children with Health Care Issues

Lifting Families Together (LFT) has been organized to operate exclusively for charitable purposes, including, but not limited to improving the quality of life for children with health issues in the Houston Metropolitan area. LFT provides programs that empower children and their families including a life center program that will provide:

  • Educational forums to address the specific health issue involved, including care and safety issues of the child with special pediatric health issues; budget preparation; and other topics that become necessary
  • Location of financial assistance for the families of children with health issues that goes beyond insurance coverage
  • Information, location, and assistance with financing temporary housing near the hospital or healthcare facility for families while children are hospitalized for specific diagnostic care
  • Financial support for families with household bills, such as mortgage, utilities, car notes, and specialized transportation for kids with health issues
  • Family counseling for parents, siblings, and friends of children with specialized health issues
  • Self-sufficiency training of children with special health issues
  • Assistance with healthy meal preparation, personal hygiene, and infection control for the child with health issues and their family
  • Development of an exercise program for the child with health issues, specific for their needs
  • Ongoing counseling opportunities for the child and family with health issues.
  • Providing a day out program for the parents of children with health issues

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Lifting Families Together

Our Story.

I have served as a volunteer and active board member of several non-profit organizations for over 25 years; I am committed to providing service to others. I received my inspiration to start Lifting Families Together from Ethan, a then one year old who had a heart transplant in December of 2012. His family attends the same church with me. Ethan is enrolled in school this year. I believe serving others is my calling and Lifting Families Together will be a great community vehicle to help maintain wholesome family relationships in a supportive environment.

Ava Holland
President & Founder

“THANK YOU for providing Christmas lunch for the staff and families at West Campus! It is sooooooo greatly appreciated! God bless…”

Debora Ybarra, RN
“The entire LFT organization have loving hearts, passion and a wonderful commitment to families in need. We are honored to have contributed and look forward to seeing LFT grow in the comping years.”
Patty Conroy
“We’re so excited to attend the upcoming Gala on September 5th. and are blessed to be able to take part is such a noble effort”
Mike Valasco