To all of our supporters for their unwavering generosity, we say

Thank You.

Virtual Walk Supporters

Adrian Abrams

Alecia Glenn

Alison Cravey

Andre Hall

Angela Hernandez

Anita Scott

Annette Lenton

Artie Hill

Audrey Jordan

Ava Holland

Bessie Small

Bobbie Smith

Brenda Sylvester

Bright & Shemika Obasuyi

Bryant Pryor

Carla D Stewart

Carole Oliver

Catherine Perozo

Charles Spriggs

Charlotte Johnson

Charlotte Knapp

Charlotte Williams

Cherie Jones

Cheryl Duncan

Christian Pelaez

Christie (Price) and Miguel Izcano

Cicely McKentie

Crystal Chambers

Damian Tovar

Darnell Preston

David Preston

Daynene Vykoukal

Deb Starr

Deborah Oliver

Deborah Torry

Denise Adams

Denise Guest

Diana Morgan

Douglas Golden

Ed & Marilyn Bubb

Ed Price

Elaine Miller

Erica Barnes

Evelyn Gordon

Fred & Linda Ponder

Gerald & Burnell Gistand

Gloria Burton

Greg Ornstein

Harriette Bryant

Janell Zeug

Janet Ross

Jemelia Thompson

Jenny Sturm

Jerrod Smith

Jim and Ethel Moore

Joey & Vanessa Perry

John & Willie Mae Wilson

Jorge Lopez

Joyce Earvin

Juanita Wright

Judy Wilson

Kathy Mitchell

Kathy Washington

Keylon Walker

Girl Scouts Group 158126

Laura and Josh Thompson

Lauree Miller

Lisa Cook

Lisa Trammell

Loretta M Betts

Lori Congress

Mack McKinney

Marcia Allen

Maria Reitzi

Mark Gibson

Marva Jones

Mary Burns Spriggs

Mary Kordys

Maurice & Watkins

Michael & Yolunda Hearn

Michael Smith

Mike & Sandra Allen

Minder Varner

Mollie Tyler

Nadene Dukes

Nadine Proffitt

Nicholas Clark

Nora Brown

Norma Mottu

Ora Stewart

Orlinda Preston-Fowler

Oscar Telfair

Ozie Owen

P. Swopes

Patricia Smith

Paulette Gadison

Ray Thomas

Regina Burden

Regina Whitmill

Reginal Williams

Rita Jamar

Ronnell Tresvant

Rosalind Dozier

Rosalind Thompson

Rosalyn Thomas

Ryan George

S Williams-Barnes

Samuel Ross

Shayla Hubert

Sheila Henderson

Sherel Harris

Sheryl Victorian

Stephanie Vanduring Ross

Steve & Amanda White

Su Webb

Tara Walker

Ted Brackett

Teresa Burton

Thelma Romaldo

Tommy & Gloria Johnson

Vanessa Stephenson

Verna McKentie

Verna Sweed

Vicky Davis

Zuri Dale

LFT Supporting Partners

Communications Advisory Service

Fari Skincare Laser

greenstar technology

J&L Photography Studios

La Masion Bed & Breakfast

Jillian JJ Simmons

Texas Children’s Hospital West Campus

LFT Sponsors

Crystal Chambers

Mack McKinney

Joey & Vanessa Perry

Ronnel Tresvant

Rosiland Thomas

Mollie Tyler

Reginald Williams

How Can You Get Involved? Glad you asked.

There are so many ways to get involved to support Lifting Families Together. In order to meet our mission and provide services in our Houston Metropolitan community, we will rely on the generosity of individuals and businesses for support.  How can you get involved?  Glad you asked.

  • Become a LFT Sponsor

  • Volunteer: Serve on team in your area of expertise

  • Volunteer. Serve on specific activity team

  • Referral Service

Contact Us.

Want to learn more, have questions about donations or event schedule?

Contact Us by using our contact form
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Lifting Families Together

“The entire LFT organization have loving hearts, passion and a wonderful commitment to families in need. We are honored to have contributed and look forward to seeing LFT grow in the comping years.”
Patty Conroy
“We’re so excited to attend the upcoming Gala on September 5th. and are blessed to be able to take part is such a noble effort”
Mike Valasco